TiaMaria Siamese & Balinese - Preserving and Perpetuating the Traditional Siamese and Balinese
                                                                                                  updated 08/26/2015
WE HAVE TWO GORGEOUS KITTENS AVAILABLE THAT WILL BE READY TO GO HOME by 9/12/2015 one short hair blue female and one long hair blue male

REMY X APOLLO and PUMA X AZIZI are due any day now, and we have started to take deposits now
Please visit our available kitten page for more information or call us at 434-227-8774. 
Welcome to TiaMaria Siamese
We breed CFA and TICA Traditional Siamese and Balinese cats in all four colors and all four Lynx point colors. Our main focus is to preserve and perfect this amazing breed.
WE NOW ALSO HAVE TORTIE and RED points a.k.a "flame points"

NOW INTRODUCING OUR BEAUTIFUL "Permes Louise" of TiaMaria. She will be a great foundation for our upcoming Tortie, Red, and Cream program.
Louise is a Gorgeous Seal Tortie point. We expect her kittens with our stud Apollo to be both long and short hair and have deep violet eyes.Please contact us for more information! This is very exciting for us as the tortie and red points are rare at this point and we are looking forward to being a part of preserving them. 

Photos Courtesy of Permes.

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TiaMaria's Milo the Siamese cat Playing Fetch
Milo is a blue lynx now living with Marta and her family! She taught him how to play fetch. Who says dogs are smarter than cats?? TiaMariaSiamese.com
At TiaMaria Siamese we breed CFA and TICA  traditional Apple-head Siamese and Balinese Cats.The Traditional Apple-head Siamese is a highly intelligent "dog-like" cat.
   These cats are a medium large robust bodied cat with a rounder head then the modified wedge-head.
They form irreplaceable bonds with their humans.
     Our main goal in breeding is to perfect and preserve the traditional Siamese and Balinese breeds and to breed healthy, happy, beautiful kittens that are free of infectious diseases and genetic defects.
 We breed first and foremost for health and personality, followed closely by conformation and breed specific traits like intense blue and violet eye color and round robust muscular bodies.
Our cats are our babies first, breeders second.
All of our kittens are raised underfoot in our home and are never caged.
Our kittens always visit the vet several times to ensure that they are healthy and free of medical issues before leaving our home.
I choose my breeders carefully by their genetics, personality and physical qualities to ensure nothing short of near perfection.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my program.
All Kittens are vet checked at:
The Animal Hospital Of Ivy Square
Dr. Stephen Epstein DVM
We have  kittens in all four color points(Seal, blue, chocolate, and lilac) and lynx points of all four colors.
I also have Balinese kittens in Seal, blue,chocolate, and lilac and in all four lynx point as well.
Our cats are blood tested for FELV and FIV and our kittens are guaranteed negative.
All kittens are registered through C.F.A or T.I.C.A.
We ship domestically and internationally.
Our kittens are guaranteed to be in good health, without any defects,robust, and well socialized cats. We also give a health guarantee, as well as guarantee against genetic defects. You can view our contract on our FAQ page.
Most of our kittens are born free of kinks in their tails.
We have not had a kitten with crossed eyes, but crossed eyes are a possible genetic trait.
PLEASE NOTE: deposits are NON REFUNDABLE but may be moved to a future kitten.
We have the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime
Please note that we are a closed cattery and WILL NOT offer stud service to anyone for any reason
We do not sell breeding rights.
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