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Updated 3/17/14




CFA registered

Apollo is not only a regal and majestic cat, but also has a wonderful personality. Apollo flew across the country when he was a kitten. I opened his crate in the car and he immediately popped out and jumped into my arms. It was love at first sight. Apollo learned his name within three days. He always comes when he is called no matter what he is doing. He is outgoing and loves everyone. When people come to visit Apollo rushes to the front door to greet everyone. He never misses a beat. Apollo also loves all of the cats in our home. He sings to our queens and plays with the other males without issue. Apollo carries the best cats of Permes in his lines. It is a privilege to have a cat of his stature in our program.

MyBaliSi Azizi of TiaMaria


Seal Point Balinese

Azizi, or as we call him ZZ Top, comes from our dear friend Patty Scott at MyBaliSi. ZZ comes from years of Balinese to Balinese breedings and carries over 25 champions in his five generation pedigree. He produces excellent contrast and deep cobalt blue eyes. ZZ has a classic look and his kittens mirror him in looks almost exactly. Not only is Azizi a beautiful stud, his personality matches. Azizi is one of the sweetest cats I have had the pleasure of owning. He loves his family and is very protective over us. He is happy spending his days on my lap and gets along famously with the other boys. He is very gentle and courts our ladies. When we place a female with him he serenades her with his meow.


TiaMaria's Princess Zoe

Blue point

CFA registered

TiaMaria's Apollo's Chariot

Chocolate point Balinese

CFA registered

Permes Zina of TiaMaria

Seal Lynx Point Balinese

CFA Registered

Thanks Louis!

TIAMARIA'S Lily Abel (Alena Raye)

Seal Lynx point

CFA and TICA registered

Permes Saphira of TiaMaria

CFA registered

Blue lynx point

Retiring at the end of 2014

Permes Nala of TiaMaria

Nala had to have a C section in December. Because our girls are our babies first and breeders second we decided to have her spayed so she wouldnt have to have surgery in the future. She is now retired in her loving forever home. She will always be missed here!

Chocolate Point Siamese

CFA registered


Permes Nala of TiaMaria

OF TiaMaria

Blue point CFA and TICA registered


Susie has been retired but we are so thankful to her for the beautiful kittens she has produced, I get many requests for her kittens so if you are interested in her , keep checking for kittens out her daughters - Nala, Chariot, and Play it again Susie (Aka Pumba)

Permes Susie on right (blue point) and Permes Nala on left(Chocolate Point)

Permes Just Plain Simon of TiaMaria

 CFA Seal Point


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