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We are located in Troy Virginia

Ask for Maria at 434 227 8774

or you can fill out the form below for more information!

Please see our kitten contract here

PLEASE NOTE: deposits are NON REFUNDABLE for any reason and may only be moved to a future kitten for up to one year. We have the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.We consider a deposit an agreement to work with us. Please do not place one until you are positive you would like to purchase a kitten from us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you located?

We are located in Troy, VA 30 minutes from Charlottesville,45 minutes from Richmond, 2 hours from Washington D.C and most areas of Northern VA,45 minutes from Waynesboro, An hour and a half from staunton, 2 hours from Harrisonburg, 2 hours from Williamsburg, 3 hours from the Norfolk/Va beach area. 3 hours from Baltimore,4 hours from most destinations in West Virginia and North Carolina, and only 6 1/2 hours from NYC. For an appropriate fee to cover gas and expensive we will meet customers on an as needed basis. The fee depends on the length driven, but we prefer our customers to come to our home and meet us, the adults, and the kittens before committing.

Q. What types of breeds do you focus on?

A. We have moved our focus over the recent years on to the most hypoallergenic kittens. We focus on Balinese and Occassionally have siamese kittens. Most litters are Balinese, even when kittens are short haired.

Q. What is the difference in the four colors?

A. Seal points are the darkest of the four colors and the color that most people think of as a "traditional" Siamese color.

Our stud Azizi is a great example.

Chocolate points have lighter brown points (often times milk chocolate in color) with a whiter body. They tend to keep the contrast in their bodies even as they get older, unlike seal points which get much darker with age.

Our stud Apollo is a great Example

Blue points have grayish-blue points and a slightly shaded body.

Our Queen Princess Zoe is a great example

 Lilac points are the lightest of the four colors, and stay white in the body even when they are older.Their color points have a solid lilac color.

Seal lynxes have a deep black striping on their legs tail and faces but still maintain Deep dark solid ears.

our queen Zina is a great example.

Blue Lynx kittens have grey striping and solid grey color points.

Our queen Saphira is a great example

Chocolate Lynx kittens have chocolate striping and chocoloate points and an orange nose.

Zorro one of our handsome studs is a perfect example of a stunning chocolate lynx.

Lilac lynxes are the lightest color point and have light purple striping here is a photo of a lilac lynx kitten Aria

Q. What registry's are your cats registered with?

A. Our cats are all registered with CFA (Cat Fancier's Association) Some of our cats are also registered with TICA..

Q. Will a male cat spray after he is neutered?

A. No, there is no reason to worry about this. Please do not let this affect your decision, I have neutered males that have never ever sprayed.

Q. What is the price range of your kittens?

A. kittens sold as pets typically range between1400 and 1800 dollars. Some rare kittens will be priced to 2000

Here is a breakdown of typical prices.


This list is just for informational purposes. Please call us for pricing on particular kittens.

Short hair solid point kittens typically range between 1400-1700 each sometimes 1800 depending on the kitten

Long hair solid point kittens typically range between 1400 and 1800 each.


Short hair lynx point kittens typically range between 1400 and 1700 each.

Long hair lynx points are typically 1400-1800 dollars each.

Short hair torties typically range between 1400 and 1600

Long hair torties range between 1400-1800

Short hair red point males are typically between 1400-1800

Long hair red point males are typically between 1400-2000

Red point females of any hair length are typically 1600-2000

We do offer discounts for repeat customers for purchasing more than one kitten.


Contact us for more info on pricing.

If the kitten is going to a breeding home the fee would be between 2500 and 5000 Depending on the kitten. We rarely place kittens in breeding homes but if you are interested you are welcome to call us so we can get to know each other better.

Q. Do you sell kittens for less without 'papers'?

A. No. A reputable breeder should always give the registration slip for every kitten they sell. It does not cost very much to register a litter of kittens, and if a breeder is selling cats without papers, it usually means that they don't have papers (or breeding rights) on the parents, and therefore shouldn't be breeding the cats in the first place.

Q.Do you ever sell adult cats?

A. Yes, occassionally we do have an adult available for sale. These cats are my children and because they are older, and adapted to a certain way of life they come with even stricter guidelines than our kittens.

Q. Why do purebred kittens cost so much?

A. There are many factors that affect the price of purebred cats. Responsible breeders put a LOT of money into their breeding program. This is usually not a profitable venture. A responsible breeder will spend from $2000-$3000+ on the breeding cats that they purchase in order to get a cat from a reputable line with registration papers and breeding rights. Expensive premium food, supplements, litter and vet bills for an entire cattery add up very quickly. There are also advertising costs, cattery registration and inspection fees, and individual kitten, cat, and litter registration costs. Our adult cats are tested regularly for FeLV FIV and any other infectious diseases our vets recommend. along with various health screening tests done for breeding cats. Breeders also face unexpected vet bills such as cesarean sections, infections of the uterus, mastitis, etc. They can develop most of the same post partum issues that humans do. Most people are not prepared to house an 'intact' male that sprays, and must then build special accommodations for him, or even more than one male, which can add up to a considerable expense.

On top of all of this you occasionally have a mother that can not nurse her kittens, or cant take care of them after a post partum issue such as mastitis or a Cesarean section we spend countless hours awake supplementing our babies to make sure they grow healthy and happy!

Q. Do you sell cats for breeding?

A. We do not generally sell kittens or cats for breeding unless the buyer is already involved with breeding in the CFA or another association. A buyer interested in breeding rights will need to have references from other breeders before we will consider selling a cat/kitten with breeding rights. We will NOT sell cats for breeding to anyone that merely wants to produce kittens just for fun. There are far too many homeless cats/kittens in shelters now.

Q. Do you offer stud service?

A. No. For the health of all of our cats and kittens we keep a closed cattery, which means we do not offer stud service to anyone.

Q. Do you guarantee your kittens?

A. Yes. Our kittens are guaranteed in writing to be in good health without any known genetic defects. We give a congenital defects guarantee for the first year of the kittens life. (This means that as long as your kitten is taken to the vet within 72 hours of purchase we guarantee them against life threatening genetic defect)

Our kittens are guaranteed for health and temperament. New owners must take their kitten to a licensed veterinarian for a heath check within 72 hours of purchase in order for this guarantee to be valid. If the kitten is declawed,given certain immunizations, or denied vet care the guarantee does not apply.

Q. Can I declaw my kitten?

NO! Declawing can cause many health and behavioral problems, such as litter box avoidance and biting. Please see this link on declawing.

Q. How old are your kittens when you sell them?

A. Our kittens are ready to go home between 10-16 weeks of age.

Q. Has my kitten been dewormed?

A. Yes. We de worm all of our kittens several times before they go home. We also do a fecal check before placing our kittens to ensure they are negative for all parasites.

Q. Do you sell with a contract?

A. Yes. Our kittens are sold with a contract. You can view by scrolling back up to the top of this page and clicking the link.

Q. Can I have my kitten spayed or neutered before it comes home?

A. Yes you can. Our vet will spay or neuter at 16 weeks of age. The cost of the surgery will be paid by the new owner. I recommend waiting until your kitten is six months old. Our vet has told us this is his recommendation.

Q. Can my kitten go outdoors?

A. NO Siamese cats are not meant to be kept outside, never mind the risk of having one of these beauties stolen, the average life span of an outside cat is considerably lower then an inside cat.

Q. Do you accept personal checks?

A. We accept personal checks for deposits that are sent at least two weeks before the kitten is ready to leave home. Due to fraud with money orders For any balance due after that point I require cash. NO exceptions.

Q. Do you accept deposits for kittens?

A. Yes, we will accept a deposit/holding fee to hold kittens. $300 is requested, and a personal check is acceptable. We will not accept deposits unless we believe that we will have a kitten for you within a reasonable amount of time. We will NOT hold a kitten without a deposit, no exceptions! Deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another kitten of your choice.

 Please note that we can not control what gender color or coat length our Queens will produce with each litter. While we do our best to match everyone up with their perfect kitten as quickly as possible if you want a specific thing (for instance a short haired chocolate lynx male) this would likely take longer to acquire then placing a deposit on a short haired male kitten of any color. While we don't mind specific requests and understand this will be your pet for many years to come, we ask that you show patience and understanding as we too are hoping for exactly what you want! 

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